Instructional Videos

HomeStretch | Put Your Feet Up

Power Recliner

In this video, Scott explains the benefits of the power-recline feature, including the simple, one-touch activation, infinite stopping positions, and a breakaway ottoman. A demonstration of each feature is shown.

Manual Recliner

The manual reclining mechanism features infinite stopping points, allowing you to rest at the most comfortable position. Scott provides a demonstration of the ease of opening and closing this type of product.

Removable Backs

The removable (knock-down or "KD") backs are a feature of all HomeStretch products. These backs allow for easier delivery through doorways and spaces of any size.

Lift Chair

This video explains the benefits and features of our lift chair recliners, which include an easy-to-navigate control wand, a breakaway ottoman, an independent two-motor system, and a large-scale frame.

Custom Comfort (Power)

In this video, Gentry demonstrates how to operate our Custom Comfort products: a power-recline mechanism, power headrest, lumbar support, and an extended footrest.

Motion Furniture Checklist

This video guides consumers through the process of shopping for motion furniture.